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Monday, Blah

It’s cold (although not as cold as they said it would be); I have a cold; I’m tired, achy, in a fog  and whiney. So I rode the bus instead of Linus to be safe. Now, I’m cranky.

But I’m comfortable. I’m in the NYDJ pants in grey with the Nau M2 sweater, also in grey. They are totally different greys but it’s fine, since it’s basically just jeans and a sweater. I am wearing bright blue tights underneath them, with bright blue socks that unfortunately show in my office shoes. I’ve decided not to care.

The NYDJ pants were a great buy–comfortable, reasonably flattering, fine for a casual office, easy to care for. I have more than gotten the price out of them, even with the too-short (at first) hemming I did.



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