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Monday, Cold, Calm, Clear

I rode today because it was sunny, without wind, and because there had not been new snowfall in over 36 hours. It was the right choice, although I’m tired of riding the Giant, with the awkward cargo space, and its slow heavy gait. I was glad of its fat tires and stability, though, because there’s still hard snow pack where the pavement ends and the park begins and because the mud at the beach bypass is gross, sticky, and (today) encased in ice.

I was pretty warm, actually, no doubt because no part of my skin was exposed to the air. Thanks, ski goggles! I had to dig out space at the bike rack when I got to work, but that was not a serious issue.

I’m wearing the TopShop midi, in black cotton, over silk longjohns (tops & bottom) and fleece tights. I’m also wearing the yak fiber henley from Nau. To ride in, I added my beloved Nau Glasnost jacket, Smartwool ski socks and the Icebreaker wool pants. I love those pants so much, especially this winter.



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