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Tuesday, Trace Snow

Rode the Giant, again. I probably would have been fine (and faster) on Linus, but I went with the fat tires–especially because of the mud at the Fullerton beach bypass. Yesterday, I had to clear the snow piled around the bike rack by kicking and stomping it down in order to lock up, but this morning, it had been cleared. I was happy.

Wool dress from Zara.

Wool dress from Zara.

I rode in in my Icebreaker wool pants and a wool t-shirt, but I changed into the Zara grey wool dress and the Iisli sweater jacket. I’m actually a bit warm.

I love this dress, but it has a fit issue. I bought it anyway. I may take it to my tailor and see if it’s something that can be fixed, post hoc, but I suspect it isn’t.



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