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Monday, Still Frigid

Rode the Giant in, which is slow and less satisfying (sorry!) than Linus, but there’s still some rough going (the path by the playground has been shoveled a little, but it’s mostly hardpack snow and the bypass by one of the snowbound beaches is muddy and rough), so it’s the right choice with its thicker tires and it’s already-rusting pedals. When it rusts through, I’ll have to decide–repair? or replace?

It was extremely satisfying to be riding this morning, although at just-above-zero (no wind! hurray!), my hands were cold, even in the lobster gloves.  Here’s a lovely picture of the Lake, which I found on Flickr (with a noncommerical, attribution license, thank you!)

Photo by Justin W. Kern.

Photo by Justin W. Kern.

I passed this spot on the ride in this morning–it was lovely (although the morning light was very different) and I was sorry I had no camera with me. So, I was glad to find this picture!

I wore the NYDJ’s in grey (legwarmers and Merrells for the ride; the ballet flats for indoors) with the really wonderful black cashmere crewneck. I have a modal cami and a modal tee under it. The Guy noted that I looked like I was in house clothes this morning when I walked into the kitchen, not leaving-the-house clothes. He’s probably right, although this crewneck is in *much* better shape and is higher quality than the black wool sweater I wear around the house.


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