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Saturday, Giving Up & Moving On

I adjusted the muslin for the V8945. First I moved  the bust dart, which solved the fit in the chest and some of the problems with the armscye. Squaring the shoulder would likely take care of the rest of it.

Using my French curves.

Using my French curves.

Moving the waist did not help at all. I think it made things worse! But I suspect the problem with the fit in the waist is the cut of the dress, not the fit of the pattern. Which is to say: I don’t think I’d be happy with the finished dress, even if the fit was perfect.

I’m not sure, however. My muslin is a bit stiff, lacking the drape of the “faille, crepe, challis, or linen” called for in the pattern (actually, I think my muslin drapes about as much as one of the two linen dresses in my closet). That may account for some of why I don’t much care for this dress, now that it is muslined. It’s fitted in the back, but not the front, where it just falls straight from the bust darts to the hips, never really getting wider than the fullest part of my hip and never getting narrow in the waist.With a bit of fluidity in the fabric, it is probably fine, but with a stiff fabric, like my muslin, it’s like walking around in a tight tube.

I was chalking in darts for the front, when I realized that I have another pattern which is almost the same that already has the front darts in it. As an experiment, I’m going to muslin that one, too, and then add the darts to the first and see how they compare.

I really feel like I am learning all of this the hard way. Like all I have is a hammer and it might be useful to also have a screwdriver or a crowbar.

Crepe, Challis, Linen


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