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Friday, At Home

Today, I did a muslin for Very Easy Vogue 8945, which is–indeed–very easy: three pieces for the body, four darts, and (in the version I am making) a short sleeve (I made the flounce-sleeve without the flounces). Unfortunately, the fit is pretty bad. The bust point is nowhere near my bust point, the waist is nowhere near my waist, and the shoulder does not lie right. It seems to fit well around the hips, though I’m not sure what will happen there when I move the waist.

I’m disappointed by how bad the fit was. It’s a simple dress and I plan to make it from the grey crepe of unknown provenance to wear under my lovely Tahari jacket (that’s why I’m leaving the flounce off the sleeve, so it fits under the jacket). It’s a quick, easy project. Or it would have been, if I did not have to spend so much effort trying to figure out what I’m supposed to do to make it fit. Shorten the bust dart? Lengthen it? Shorten the waist? Square the shoulder? I think I am going to have to baste in a zipper before I mark my proposed changes.

This is a moment when a dressmaker dummy in my actual size would be really useful.

I’m not really frustrated, just not really sure how to proceed.



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