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Friday, Still Really Cold

9217zipperI put the zipper in the Vogue 9217. Well, first I let out the shoulder seams and then I put in the zipper. With the shoulder seam sewn at 3/8 instead of 5/8, everything in the bodice sits better. I should probably do a square shoulder adjustment next time, but this is fine what is a sundress I’m not sure how often I’ll wear.

Then I put the zipper in. It’s a center back invisible zipper–I don’t have an invisible zipper foot, so I did not quite manage a perfectly straight line. At some points, therefore, the edges line up and in others, they don’t. It’s par for the course with me and invisible zippers.

I think my next zipper with not be invisible. Either I insert a standard center zipper or maybe do a side-seam-lapped zipper. It seems like either would have more consistent and cleaner results. We’ll see.



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