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Wednesday, Home and Not

I ran an errand in the middle of the day. I should have taken Linus, the roads were clear and it wasn’t too cold, but I didn’t. So I was running late. So I hopped on Divvy. Which was not perfect (the seat posts had frozen and I had to find a bike adjusted to the right height), but fast and it’s much better for 1/2-1 mile than for my 4 mile commute.

Jacket by Aryn K.

Jacket by Aryn K.

For my errand, I wore the NYDJ jeans in black, with some layered wool skiing shirts from Nau.

I changed into a black t-shirt and my Aryn K wool jacket to go out for a work event. I’m tired of my boots being on the outside of my pants, so I wore a very old pair of snowboots which, while warm enough, have insufficient tread for the slippery half-melted sidewalks. I was briefly trapped in a revolving door when I could not get enough purchase with my feet to push the door.

turkishringI also wore the Turkish ring. It needs to be re-sized but only slightly. I suspect I will never have any of the rings I need re-sized fixed. It’s not a particularly time-consuming errand and several of the rings are of sufficient value that it’s not an expense that outpaces the cost of the jewelry. Nonetheless, it just feels like a lot of needless effort. I can’t quite figure out why.



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