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Saturday, Fitting

At some point in the 1990’s, I made Vogue Easy Options 9217, out of red silk. Even put the zipper in (badly) and finished the lining (poorly). It’s been in the fabric box ever since.

Vogue 9217I like the pattern,a lot, because it’s just a simple, semi-fitted A-line dress, with or without a sleeve. It’s versatile and flattering.

However, the red silk version in my fabric box is a mess. Poorly made, for one thing, but also it does not lie flat at the upper back, which I don’t quite understand and am not sure how to adjust for. Did I place the zipper badly? Do the shoulders need adjustment? The waist? I can’t really use this dress as a muslin because I can’t be sure how accurately I cut or constructed it. The lining is very wrong, ending nearly an inch below the shoulder seam, so it’s quite possible I did not follow either the cutting lines or the sewing lines.

It’s funny, though, because I did finish the seam edges.

Other than the wonkiness at the upper back (this is a fit issue I have never encountered in ready-to-wear, so I don’t know how to handle it. Size up? Size down? Take it in at the zipper?), the dress seems to fit. So I’ll make a new muslin before sewing it again. But I’ll definitely sew it again, as it seems very wearable.


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