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Thursday, Distracted

Rib dress in hunter green, from Etsy, photo from shop.

Rib dress in hunter green, from Etsy, photo from shop.

I tried to ride Giant to work this morning because of flurries in the forecast. The brakes seized and the back wheel would not turn, about 1/2 mile from the house. I was mid point between home and the local bike shop, but right next to a bike share station. Rather than carry Giant home (or to the LBS), I locked it to the rack next to the bike share station and took the bike share bike to work. It’s a beast–a monster–I was so slow going to work (well, there was also a headwind) but it was comfortable and convenient. So that’s a win.

I am wearing the new Etsy dress, and I somehow yanked a bunch of hemming stitches out. That’s fine; both because it’s still holding and because there’s about two inches of hem. If I can successfully press out the crease, I’ll lower the hem as much as practical and the dress will be more work-appropriate than it currently is.



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