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Monday, Whee

Rode Linus for the first time since before Christmas. Thought about taking Giant, whose brake lever was working just fine in the storage space, but went with Linus instead. Slipped on some ice, in the park, which I had seen from 20 feet away. I was just careless, basically.

Merrell Tetra Launch boots.

Merrell Tetra Launch boots.

I wore the grey NYDJ pants, a white t-shirt and my red wool sweater which is just too short. Spent a long time at lunch looking for replacements. Then I discovered a gorgeous new dress at Ureshii. So many temptations.

There had been rain, which had melted the snow, and it was a mess out there, but my fenders kept me clean and dry. Not so much my newly cleaned Merrells, which needed cleaning again when I got home!


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