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Saturday, Charity

I did a few chores around the house: mending, mostly, but also I cleaned the salt off all my winter boots and polished them. Then I went to the Ronald McDonald House with my friends to cook dinner, which we do about once a month. A great big potluck with good intentions.

I wore the Nau M1 v-neck dress, for the first time in ages, with the H&M striped sweater over it. I had bought a pair of fleece-lined leggings from SockDreams (when I bought handwarmers for my sister for Christmas) with the intention of cutting them off to wear as a warm short layer under skirts. However, they are so much nicer than the ones I have that I could not do it. Instead, I kept those as tights and hacked off the old ones that I had.

Since my boots were still airing, I wore an old pair of ankle boots I bought at a thrift shop when I first moved home to Chicago in 1993.



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