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Tuesday, New Year’s Eve

For new year’s, we had a lowkey night with friends who have (sadly) moved to Cleveland, but come back regularly. Then we went to meet some of my friends at a private karaoke hovel room. That started off awkward, but was quite fun in the end.

Rib dress in hunter green, from Etsy, photo from shop.

Rib dress in hunter green, from Etsy, photo from shop.

It started snowing that afternoon (and would keep snowing until late Thursday night), so I went with “warm and comfortable” instead of “posh and festive”. I wore my new etsy dress from Erin Alexandra Klym. It’s well-made and a nice fabric, although (as I often find with Etsy dresses), I almost certainly (reluctantly) would not have bought it if I had the opportunity to try it on first. No problems with the quality, nor the design, but it does not fit me the way I want it to. I want it a little longer, with less ease in the waist and more in the hip. Unfortunately, it’s a knit with serged seams, so I can’t let out the hips at all. There’s about two inches of hem, so I can probably length it.

kilroyhatI also wore the green hat I made. I opted for my Merrell snow boots (the tall ones) and tights.



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