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Monday, Cold and Cold

I rode Linus in because the brakes on Giant aren’t working and I don’t have my bikeshare key yet. I don’t want to be riding Linus in the salt and muck, but I’m tired of the bus–too crowded and too hot. I can’t undo the layers (because it’s too crowded) and I can’t sit (because it’s too crowded), so I end up motionsick and dizzy. Then I have to walk a half-mile on either end, anyway (bike share is closer to 1/4 mile than 1/2 mile).

Iisli cable-knit sweater jacket.

Iisli cable-knit sweater jacket.

I wore the grey Lands End cowlneck dress again, with non-snow boots and the Iisli wool jacket. I added the Rio pant for the ride and got a little overheated on the ride in (that jacket is really warm), but even with ski gloves and a warm core, my hands were frozen until the second mile.

Oak Street curve is barricaded at the north end, but I wonder if it’s passable walking. Taking the long way around northbound is more irritating–and more importantly, feels less safe because you’re against a jersey wall, instead of in a curb lane–than southbound.



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