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Tuesday, Still Cold

I should have ridden today, but the winds were supposed to be rough. The view from office indicates that’s not true and now I am sad. I don’t really mind the bus in the morning–it’s easy to get one that’s not too full–but the evening commute is dreadful. The buses are too hot and everyone crowds the front door. Even though there is room at the back, you can’t use it because no-one will step back. If I had worn a different overcoat (my overcoat comes to my ankles), I’d be tempted to bike-share home, but I don’t think I can ride in this overcoat.

Today I wore a pair of straight-leg black crepe pants from Ann Taylor and the grey cashmere blend sweater from Nau. I’m also wearing a merino batwing cardigan in a grey knit I got at Nordstrom a couple years ago. I’m mostly too cold in the office.



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