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Thursday, Arctic Air

It was 50 degrees yesterday, but today is not expected to get much above 30. Luckily, everything seemed dry on the way in to work because anything that wasn’t will be icy on the way home. I was a little over-dressed riding in, but my merino balaclava is my most important bit of gear for bike winter, and I was glad to have it. The air temperature had not much dropped from an overnight in the 30’s-40’s, but the wind (which was pretty calm, actually) was much colder. I wore my DIY lobster gloves and my hands were pretty warm. I’d like some real ones that are windproof, though.

Kenneth Cole Catarina cropI’m wearing the Kenneth Cole Catalina wool skirt in a wine color with a black cashmere crew neck. I wanted to wear my Hvala boots, but they no longer zip over my right calf–I don’t understand this, but there it is–instead I’m in the Clairborne boots that desperately need re-heeling.

I like the skirt, a lot. It’s new and was a bit of an impulse purchase. It has an exposed zipper, which I am terribly tired of, but it’s a side zipper and a short zipper and mostly unobtrusive. It’s a nice length (longer on me than pictured), a good weight, and such a lovely color. I expect to the wear to cost value to work out well.

Tomorrow looks to be 100% day off and I’m so looking forward to it.




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