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Tuesday, Damper, Warmer

Rode Linus in, because my waterproof pannier does not fit on the rack I finally got installed on the Giant. I hope today goes more smoothly than my attempts to leave the house.

Iisli cable-knit sweater jacket.

Iisli cable-knit sweater jacket.

I’m wearing the Eileen Fisher dress, with the Iisli wool sweater jacket, and some pearls. Also, the Chinese Laundry mary jane pumps I keep under my dress, as I wore my warm dry Merrells for riding. I don’t have another pair of shoes with better traction in the rain.

The wool was too much for the ride in (I was also wearing my rain jacket because I have my rain pants and a t-shirt for going home, when it’s supposed to be raining, instead of just foggy). Ah well.

I tried out a new eyeliner today, which I really like.


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