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Sunday, Dark Early

I spent most of today looking for a lost file on my skydrive. In between, I traced Vogue 1239. I’m a little concerned that I am in over my head with this dress. Although it’s relatively few pattern pieces, with no closures and not particularly fitted, there’s slashing and folding required to make the seams line up. There’s reinforcement piecing at stress points and topstitching (and edgestitching) on each seam. Plus the lining and everything being pulled inside out through the sleeve.

I’ve got a lot of left-over bright green quilting cotton for my muslin; although the pattern calls for a stiffer fabric, I’m hoping to get a good sense of how the pieces go together. I’ve not actually bought a fabric for this dress yet, so there’s no rush.

Folkwear 505 Claire McCardell Cloister Dress

Folkwear 505 Claire McCardell Cloister Dress

I’ve also got enough raisin wool gabardine left over to do just the bodice of the Cloister dress. I traced it months ago and I have some plain jersey to muslin it. I may make that my next project, as the 1239 is clearly going to be hard.

I also traced the wool cape pieces, but I don’t have a lining fabric. My brief trip to the fabric store was scattered and unproductive–despite my having a list and swatches. I think I bought all the wrong size zippers and I did not get linings or bias tape. I got home without a clear idea of what to tackle next.


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