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Monday, Damp and Warmer

Rode Linus in–we’ll see if it rains or snows. I wore my new raisin gabardine wrap skirt and I see a few adjustments I need to make (namely, move the ties so I can tie it tighter and add a snap so the flap doesn’t droop), but I like it. I also wore the H&M acrylic sweater (out, not tucked in, which is the problem with wrap skirts–they want you to tuck your shirt in). Ribbed tights and the Merrells to ride in. I had changed into my ballet flats for the office, but I was freezing, so I put the boots back on.

It’s a $4.99 sale at Vogue fabrics and I bought seven patterns:


That’s some ambition. Well, not really, three are “very easy”, one is “easy” and the other three are “average” but I will have to use zippers again. Most are suitable for crepe or double knits. A couple want linen or challis, pique, or ponte knits. The jacket wants a boiled wool–my machine can’t handle stretch (p)leather or (fake) suede.

I’ll need to do some reading on fit before diving into all of these.


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