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Sunday, Swap

Wrap skirt, in skull fabric.

Wrap skirt, in skull fabric.

I spent most of Sunday in the sewing room again. Then I went to hang out in a friend’s workshop, eat snacks, drink booze, chat and swap books. It was still frigid, but this time I was overdressed for waiting for the bus. Ah well.

I wore my newly finished novelty quilting cotton wrap skirt, with the H&M layering turtleneck in black, and the Ureshii shrug. I wore my Dark Lord of the Sith overcoat (the one that comes down to my ankles and is roomy enough to fit another coat underneath), which was overkill. Largely because it was only a matter of yards from each relevant bus stop to the workshop or to my house.

The skirt was made from a downloadable pattern I found on the internet (without instructions) and I think I botched the waistband and ties. Well, I think I did not make them as intended, although the skirt more or less worked (I skipped the contrast hem and side panel). I’m remaking it in a raisin colored wool gabardine, but I’m going to handle the waistband and ties different, and I cut it shorter, although possibly too short. It took only a few hours to make–the longest part being the bias tape to finish the hem. That took longer than it should have because I could not find my bias-tape maker. I’m pleased with the progress I am making in attending to details in sewing. There are no fancy finishes on the seams to this skirt (it really was just to test how the pattern worked, without having instructions on how the patterns worked), but there are finishes on every seam in this skirt.



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