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Thursday, End in Sight

Rode Linus in on the Lakefront and felt very slow this morning, even though there was no wind. There were very few people out and about. A bunch of stressful things are winding down and I should have my holiday shopping done this weekend, so I’m looking forward to a quiet end of the year.

I’m wearing the Etsy dress I wasn’t so sure about, so I guess it has grown on me. It’s certainly comfortable and warm and cute. It’s easy for biking in, too, no waistband to get wonky, full enough for easy movement, but not too long that I worry about the wheel. The fabric is gorgeous and the whole thing is nicely made–straight even seams, straight even hem.

It might rain, so I have my rainpants to wear home if need be. I thought about riding the other bike in, but I don’t have a good solution for carrying a ULock with that bike. My ULock for that bike is HUGE in order to fit around the tire, fender, frame and bike rack. It’s unwieldy under the best of circumstance.



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