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Sunday, Disaster!

I was supposed to have my parents over, unexpectedly, today, but they were predicting tornados, so my parents stayed home.

Vogue Easy Options 8685

Vogue Easy Options 8685

I was working on the Vogue 8685, as planned before I start anything else. I basted all the seams closed, to see if it goes on and off without a zipper, which it does. But I think it will look better a little more fitted through the waist, which means it will need the zipper. So I was taking out the basting, and stitching the seams up to the zipper markings, when the really terrible storm blew through and rain started coming in my (recently repaired to stop this problem) windows onto my new cabinets.

We wiped up the water, put down plastic and towels, and have big fans and a dehumidifier running. I’m pretty sure everything will be fine, but it dampened my mood and I spent no more time in the sewing room today.

I think the 8685 dress will be satisfactory. I really like how the double-layered bamboo jersey feels and the pattern on the fabric is pleasing. The fit is not amazing–I need to learn more about how to adjust fit–but it’s good. I’ll probably make this pattern again, with the long sleeve, when I find another nice jersey.



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