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Friday, Running Around

C Luce stripe blazer (aka the "loud" jacket)

C Luce stripe blazer (aka the “loud” jacket)

I was hither and yon a lot today, mostly walking, although also on the bus. I was in court in the morning, in the Misook sheath dress and the C.Luce loud jacket. I don’t know what appeals to me about this jacket (other than the texture. I love textured jackets), but something did and I bought it on very deep discount at Piperlime. I bought a bigger size, though, so it doesn’t fit me in the same shrunken manner as it fits this model.

I would probably like it better if it fit that way, but taking jackets down a whole size is basically reconstructing the entire jacket. It’s generally Not Done and. apparently, not worth the tailoring time.

I paired it with some pinstripe textured tights and the Hvala boots.

Then I came home for a short while. I changed into the Ibex FT sleeveless dress with the less-loved Nau merino hoody, kept the tights, and changed into the Merrell short boots. I ran up and down, through the neighborhood several times, before finally having some pizza.



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