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Friday, New Room

My room is all finished (well, I do have to do some sanding and painting. I’m not really sure why the builders couldn’t just pay someone $10 an hour to do it and then charge me $20–I’d happily have paid–but they said they would patch but not paint), except for the moving things (not furniture, just stuff) back into it. I’m very excited and want to spend all day working in it, but we have errands to run Saturday morning and then I have five hours of opera Saturday evening. So it’s not going to happen. I’m a little disappointed.

Cat, sleeping on the work surface.

Cat, sleeping on the work surface.

I dealt with the contractors while wearing a jersey skirt over leggings and a long sleeve t-shirt over an Icebreaker tank. Eveything but the Icebreaker was from the Gap.

Then, when she tweeted that she was at the sushi place a few doors down, I crashed my sister’s dinner to see what the opera plans were. I put on a pair of jeans from the Gap and the Nau M2 grey sweater for that.



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