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Sunday, I Need a Little Rest

We went to a delicious breakfast that took longer than expected because of a 10:00am liquor license.

Then I went to the local Halloween festival and had an afternoon cocktail and did nothing for the rest of the day.

I wore the Emily Ryan dress again because it’s cute and comfy.

Folkwear 214

Folkwear 214

I also pulled a very nearly complete Folkwear 214 (also, apparently out of print, but still available in some shops) out of the fabric box. It needs a hem and the snaps in the closure placket. I used a really pretty cotton with tone-on-tone embroidery. Like the Paris Promenade dress, it’s rather costume-y, but I’m going to finish it this weekend (seriously, it’s a hem and some snaps). It’s very sloppy in many places. The seams aren’t finished (and I know I had no intention of doing anything else to them); the fabric should have been underlined; none of the threads were backstitched, tied or cut.  But I did it–however long ago it was–my mother thought, perhaps, 1993 or 1994.


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