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Friday, Busy

om nomI ran a few errands in the morning. Nothing more than a 1/4 mile from the house, so I walked instead of rode. It was sunny and cool and I wore the Emily Ryan tunic, cowl up like a hood. Tights and maryjane flats. I did not bother with a jacket, but I did wear my Icebreaker glove liners.

Later, I made a halloween costume (warning, autoplay music) for a five year old.We just had fun with it–winging it, which was dead simple. Using his jacket for sizing, I made a circle poncho with a hood. Then I added a visor to the hood for the teeth. I was going to go more elaborate and make 3D eyes, but my sister pre-empted with the stick-on felt.

Now I have lots of leftover bright green fleece.

I had earlier been trying to pattern the Zara dress. My making-patterns-from-the-clothes-you-own book uses corkboard and a spiked tracing wheel to trace the seams of existing garments. I don’t have corkboard or a spiked tracing wheel, so I use butcher paper, tissue paper, pens, pencils, pins and a lot of measuring tapes and clear rulers. The skirt was simple, but the bodice is proving a little more complicated. I’m thinking about drafting a waistband and trying the skirt on its own.

Of course, the dress has a zipper. My zipper skills are fine, but I always put them off until the last possible moment (sometimes leaving things unfinished for years). I don’t feel I get zippers; they’re not second nature; I know that zippers are simple, but I feel that they are complicated. So patterning the zipper seems a challenge. I imagine I’ll copy the marking and placketing from some pattern I have around.

Ribbon detail in Zara wool dress

Ribbon detail in Zara wool dress

The Zara dress has an invisible zipper that is covered with a ribbon. I’m not sure I’ve seen the technique before. Imagine it’s to keep the zipper tape from scratching in the small of the back. I don’t often find zippers itchy, but I do get annoyed with them catching in the waistband of underwear or tights. Maybe I’ll love this method and use it always. Add “ribbon” to the big list of sewing supplies I need.

So, I now have three half-finished projects in the room: the skirt I found in the bottom of the fabric box; the brown & white very easy vogue options, and the Folkwear Paris Promenade. At least I have stuck to my resolve and not muslin’d anything else in the meantime.



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