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Wednesday, Conference

Wool dress from Zara.

Wool dress from Zara.

I wish I had been able to have a photograph taken of me today because I think I looked nice. (The city workers hanging around where I parked my bike said I did, at any rate, although the one was certain I was not dress warmly enough to be riding today. I was. It was in the mid-40’s–I did not even need my hat)

I wore a new wool dress from Zara with a wool jacket by Iisli, from The Real Real. I was, really, quite warm. I did put on my leg warmers for the ride home–I was wearing nude hose and my Fluevog Sharons because I did not like the look of heavy tights with the dress.

Usually, I work from home on Wednesday, but today I rode an extra 2 miles past the office to a conference downtown. I got to ride in the special downtown bike lanes, which don’t connect to any southbound route from my neighborhood in a sane way. That’s always irritating.


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