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Wednesday, At Home

It’s a work from home, in yoga pants, in my wing chair sort of day.

Vogue Easy Options 8685

Vogue Easy Options 8685

I got the V1239 pattern this week and I’ve read through it a couple times. I’m excited to try it. I think I’m going to wait until my room is finished and make it my inaugural dress. At any rate, I am absolutely going to finish the brown and white dress first. I managed to get both sleeves attached without error, breaking my seam ripping streak with this dress. The armhole facing tripped me up at first, but I figured it out eventually. Theoretically, attaching the skirt should be simple.

I’ve been spending a lot of time looking very closely at the seams of this bodice (all 5 of them) and so I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about seam finishes. There’s a lot of bulk in the seams of the brown and white dress so far because of the underlining but I want to finish them somehow, to keep them from raveling, to keep them tidy, to make the dress feel really finished. One of the nice things about sewing your own is that you can do things that feel important–like weighting hems, or adding lingerie straps, or lining your pockets with something fun. But you can always be tempted to skip steps, or leave things less than finished, like your seams.

Then you just feel sad every time you put the thing on.

Most of the readymade things I wear daily have serged seams, although some are probably overlocked. A couple of the skirts and most of my cocktail dresses have bound seams. The only thing I have with French seams are things I’ve made myself.

For the brown and white dress I’ll likely go with a machine stitch–probably straight. But I want to something more fancy for the V1239.

Vogue American Designers 1239

Vogue American Designers 1239

V1239 is all about the seaming. The shoulders have topstitched darts; the back bodice is cut in princess seams which are topstitched; the front bodice is topstitched, as are the bands around the bottom of the skirt. So I want the inside to match the outside. Of course, it’s lined, so the seams will all be hidden, even in the inside, but won’t it feel fancy, knowing that the completely hidden seams are all bound?



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