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Thursday, Rain

Here is a link to Kate Beaton’s Ain’t Give a Damn Velocipede t-shirt because I should have ridden Linus today–weather and schedule be damned.

Hunter rain boots with nonfunctional zipper.

Hunter rain boots with nonfunctional zipper.

I’m in the Icebreaker Ariana dress again, cause it’s comfy and my Guy thinks it’s cute. Also, it’s warm and it’s cold and damp outside. Also, it’s a no-contact-with-the-outside-world day at the office. A nose-deep in reports day. I’m wearing the grey soft tights that don’t quite stay up and my Hunter rain boots which desperately need some shining.

It was colder than anticipated, waiting for the bus, and I wished I had my long fleece-lined rain coat, instead of my short rain jacket. I hope it will be better later.

Looking forward to the weekend and poring over the patterns in my pattern box. I read through a few reviews and one sew-along for the Vogue 1239. The sew-along was very confusing, but the reviews were reassuring. The sew-along did make the really good point that if you topstitch and edgestitch seams as you go along, instead of at the end of construction, you may not be able to easily correct fit issues. That’s my goal for Vogue 1239 and for the second Crepe I’m planning to make: correcting fit issues as I go, instead of just making really quick grades between sizes at the hips.

I may find another throw-away sheet to muslin the 1239 dress with. I have some lovely raspberry shantung (which maybe is left over from a bridesmaid dress I had made in the 90’s? I don’t know where it came from otherwise) which may be enough for the dress. If it isn’t, I may make a shirt-length version of the pattern to practice with the sleeves, which are reportedly tricky before I buy a final fabric and make the dress.

Sounds like my head is not in my reports today, doesn’t it? 1239 is definitely going to be a step up for me and I really hope I can do it well.


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