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Saturday Comes Around Again

Vogue Easy Options 8685

Vogue Easy Options 8685

I’m still working on the Very Easy Vogue Options Dress in the cream modal with brown print. And it’s a nightmare. The pattern is, actually, very easy, but damned if I haven’t made a mistake–sometimes two–on every single seam. Plus, modal snags, pulls and rips easily when you’re yanking out seams, so you have to go v-e-r-y-s-l-o-w-l-y undoing those mistakes. At this rate, I have the front and back bodice stitched to the upper midriff piece and the halves of each sleeve joined at their seam. I’d like to move on, but I’m going to finish it first. Really, the fabric is lovely for the pattern, and my muslin came together really quickly. I just don’t know what’s going on here.

rust corduroyLast weekend, I was thinking that I would really like to make a skirt from this lovely rust colored corduroy fabric I bought at random. I probably had a skirt in rust-colored cord in grade school.

I flipped through some pattern books, some drafting guides, even mocked up a copy of a wrap skirt I have in the closet. I’m pretty sure this fabric would be a nice skirt, but nothing looked right. So I went digging through the pattern box.

Unfinished in a box for I don't know how long. The fabric is a nice wool blend. though.

Unfinished in a box for I don’t know how long. The fabric is a nice wool blend. though.

Where I found Simplicity 5351. Mostly intact, although version E had been cut. Unsurprising, since I found version E, complete except for hem and zipper, in the fabric box. It fits fine, if a little short for work. I’ll put in the zipper and hem it (possibly I’ll add a velveteen band at the hem for some length) to practice with zippers. It’s been years since I’ve put a zipper in.

It was, basically, a frustrating day in terms of projects. But I was pretty comfy all day in my yoga pants and jersey t-shirt.



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