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Monday is as Monday Does

Grey, white, black striped v-neck sweater over black v-neck dress.Rode Linus, who needs a bath, but who has a repaired headlamp in to work today. The Lakefront is still populated but not crowded; pleasant, basically, if not solitary. I was a bit too warm going home–I should have removed my jacket, but I did not. The straps on my Po Campo bag are getting a bit dirty, too. Maintenance of all things is the best argument for servants. Now, to afford one.

I wore the NYDJ pants in black with the H&M striped sweater that I just love to pieces. I tucked a very long tank underneath it because it’s a little on the short-waisted end of things. I was very comfortable all day–except a little cold in my office.

Time to order new Icebreaker glove liners. I will need to reinforce all the fingertips before I start wearing them, though. Even though I size up, my fingernails still end up ripping through after a season or two.

I love my Po Campo bag for its utility and bright blue lining. I love how easily it clips to the bike, how comfortable it is to carry, and how well it holds everything I need it to hold. I wish I liked the current fabric choices because I’d love to try the Pilsen. I may end up going with a charcoal waxed canvas, despite the brown and blue accents, but the brown and blue accents stop me buying every single time I go to purchase.



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