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Saturday, Waiting for Fall

I’m not sure why, but we got up early. Checked out a new coffee roaster in the neighborhood (we both agreed that the special roaster-brewer spots in the neighborhood offer better coffee than the other options, but outside of a special cupping & tasting, we can’t really distinguish among them). Took a nice walk through the neighborhood, Lincoln Park, and along the Lake.

Vogue American Designers 1230 Chado Ralph Rucci dress

Vogue American Designers 1230 Chado Ralph Rucci dress

I wore my flat chucks, the TopShop midi in black and the merino shrug from Ureshii. I wish I had money to buy another. No, really, what I wish was that I could prioritize my clothing budget for another Ureshii haul, but I have issues with the impulse control and not spending my clothing budget randomly. My sewing supplies, fabrics and patterns, come out of that budget line and I keep forgetting my priorities. This week, I nearly impulsed over my budget with Vogue American Designer #1239. Isn’t it lovely? And I think it’s within my skillset. Maybe I’ll get the pattern, at least, and save the fabric for later.



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