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Saturday, Sewing

Ibex Random dress in mid-violet

Ibex Random dress in mid-violet

I spent the morning sewing the Kimono dress. The pattern came together quickly but I was really dissatisfied with the finished dress. It was partly my fault–a dumb choice of fabric, one much too bulky for the dress–and partly that the design is not really my taste. I’m not sure why I thought I would like an empire dress, with gathers under the bust and no shaping through the waist–maybe it’s the lovely fabric in the illustration. I can’t fault the pattern, but I’ll never wear the finished dress. In a more suitable fabric, I would certainly have liked the finished dress more, but I still don’t know how much I would have liked it.

Then we went to a street festival and had lunch with some people we like. I wore the Ibex Random “go-to” dress in mid-violet with grey tights and mary jane flats. We walked to the grocery store and back.

Vogue Easy Options 8685

Vogue Easy Options 8685

In the afternoon, I cut out the interlining for the the Vogue dress. It’s a nice modal fabric, definitely a summer weight, so the short sleeve is a good option. So much for my decision to stay away from stretch fabrics for a while. If it turns out well, I’ll probably make it something heavier weight with the long sleeve.

I wanted to muslin the Claire McCardell, but after the disappointing dress, I decided to make another Chill dress, this time out of grey terry. The terry does not have as much stretch as the modal I used before, so I probably need to let out the seams through the hips for a nicer fit. I made facings for the neckline and they worked nicely. Same time as last time, however, the back is longer than the front, even though the pattern pieces seem to match up. The hemming it going to be annoying, but it always is.

The terry suits the pattern and I’m pretty happy with it. The sleeves are, as noted in the pattern reviews, open along the sides, so I either have to wear a tank top under it or modify the sleeve. Really, this dress shows a lot of skin.


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