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Monday, Hot

Too hot. Too hot for September. Too hot for riding. Too hot.

So I wore grey trousers from the Gap, which don’t really fit, and a t-shirt from Ibex. It was hot; I was already unhappy–who cares what I was wearing?

Wool wedding ensemble, 1941, Claire McCardell, from the Met.

Wool wedding ensemble, 1941, Claire McCardell, from the Met.

In other news, I traced the Cloister dress pattern when I got home. I think I’m going to work on it, as soon as I get a suitable muslin fabric to test the fit. Meanwhile, I’ve also decided to use the red ponte knit for the kimono dress and go ahead and make the Chill dress with the grey French terry as originally intended.

I finally found a picture of the Cloister dress online, which has helped me visualize the final dress. For some reason, the pattern illustration wasn’t doing it for me. I like it better without the braiding that Folkwear put on their model dress, although I think Folkwear also lowered the neckline very slightly.

I’ll most likely finally order the Eva Dress reproduction of McCall’s #4292 Claire McCardell dress from 1957.



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