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Saturday, New Light in the Sewing Room

But otherwise, everything’s at a standstill. I made a muslin of the Vogue 8685, but I think if I made it with a fuller skirt, I could bypass the zipper. But I’m not sure if I want to do the very full skirt that the pattern comes with.

french tealI have this lovely teal French terry, which I was going to do something with but I couldn’t decide. The Chill dress? The kimono sleeve dress? The Eileen Fisher dress? Then, when I thought I’d make another of the DKNY 2091 pattern, I thought I’d use it for that. But I couldn’t decide, so I did not cut anything.

I cut a bag in some nice rust colored corduroy, but I got stymied at the finishes because the pattern is designed for felted wool–the edges are all left raw–so that’s sitting there. Since my plan was a new bike bag, I’d need hardware, too, so even if the edges were finished, I’d need to go to the store.

I’ve also got a nice grey flecked French terry which would be great for something cozy and casual. I’ve got enough red ponte knit for the Chill dress, the kimono sleeve dress and the Eileen Fisher dress. Possibly the DKNY 2091, too, but I’d have to lay it out to see.

Nau. shroud of purrin wrap skirt

Nau. shroud of purrin wrap skirt

My mind kept going back to the corduroy, and I thought a wrap skirt would be nice. But I’m not sure. I have an A-line wrap skirt pattern, but it might be too full, for something with more drape then this fabric. And anyway, I’d want a closure, not a tie waist. So I patterned my Nau shroud of purrin wrap skirt, but that has a zipper up the front and is way more complicated than I had in mind. I stopped before cutting a muslin because I wasn’t sure it was the right thing for the fabric.

So, now I have fabrics all over my room. And patterns. And Swedish tracing paper. And it’s almost 3 o’clock.



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