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Thursday, Such a Pretty Me!

Tudor top, photo from

Tudor top, photo from

I’m wearing my new Ureshii top. I bought it at the sample sale and it’s that color, so I suspect it may be that actual top. It rests a little lower on my chest than on the model, but it fits really nicely. I’m always slightly suspicious of bamboo or modal rayon fabrics in general because of how clingy and transparent they tend to be, but this a nice double layer of fabric and a good amount of ease.  Also, thumbloops, which I adore. Especially nice in my office, which is always cold.

So, now I know that I’ll be comfortable (in terms of exposure–bamboo and modal are unbelievably soft and comfy) in the non-merino options at Ureshii. Whee! More places to spend money.

I’ve paired it with a grey bamboo rayon skirt from Anthropologie (which is not underlined like the Ureshii top and which I must, therefore, wear a slip with, unless I want every seam in my underpants to show) and black mary jane flats. I may–when I have room in my budget again after buying my office cabinetry–buy more bamboo modal from that eBay shop and make my own (underlined) version of this skirt. Now that I’m writing about it, I realize that I never checked to see if the bike grease stain came out of it. I love riding in this skirt, which I have to clamp down with a bike garter, cause it billows all around like a sail, but because I clamp it down with the garters, it doesn’t tangle in my wheel nor flip up over my waist and stay there.

So, to reiterate: Ureshii is worth every penny and I wish I had more pennies to throw at them in exchange for their clothes. Also, Ureshii makes me want to sew more, so I should but an overlock machine.

Also, I really like how I look today.



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