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Monday, Again

Linus and I rode in on a populated but not crowded Lakefront. I was suddenly aware of how much I am looking forward to bikewinter.

Lands End Solid Cotton Modal Fit and Flare Dress

Lands End Solid Cotton Modal Fit and Flare Dress

Today I am wearing a sundress from Lands End that my mother bought me. Whenever Lands End has those big sales, mom buys me a dress or two, which is fine by me. They’re nice, wearable dresses, that hold up well over time. Easy to bike in, work-appropriate, comfortable.

Frankly, there’s nothing exciting about this dress–or any other Lands End dress I own–but I wear them, regularly, and look fine, presentable, and occasionally pretty good. I suppose it’s middle-age, but that’s fine with me.

It’s especially fine with  me on Monday morning, when there is a lot to be done before taking a little time off.









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