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Saturday, Done

So, today, I finished the paisley wrap dress. Had to repin the hem several times (oh yes, that’s how I spend Friday morning) and had to handtack the facings down. The facings on that dress are a nightmare–I don’t know if it’s the pattern, the fabric, or my technique, but every single facing flips and won’t lie flat, despite understitching and starching. But I got the hemming done, tacked the facings and added a snap to the wrap front. I’ll most likely wear it to work this week, even though wrap dresses are not good for biking because the skirts fall back toward the wheel too much.

I also re-hemmed the grey NYDJ pants because I had made them too short.

I planned to start Vogue 8685 today, but it turns out I bought the wrong size. I don’t know how that happened. I’m trying to decide if I’m going to grade the pattern or just buy it again in the right size. I have fabric for the Colette Hawthorn, but am hesitating because the button front seems like something that will take me forever to finish. But the dress looks so great on everyone who has made it, I just want to jump in and make it for myself, even though it’s not really my style and it’s way more fiddly than I usually want to bother with.

Sometimes, we all do crazy things.

Because I stayed at home, working in my space, it was a yoga pants & t-shirt sort of day.


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