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Friday, This n That

Rode Linus to the office for a few hours to make up for some lost time. I wore the Top Shop midi (in the black cotton jersey) with an extra long olive green short sleeve t-shirt over it. Traffic was a pain coming home (lots of erratic drivers rolling along at slow speeds or pulling unannounced illegal u-turns and a bus that blew a red light as I was pulling to a stop more or less in front of it).

Vogue 8379. The sleeves are actually the same length, no matter how they look in this photo!

Vogue 8379. The sleeves are actually the same length, no matter how they look in this photo!

I also (nearly) finished the easy Vogue wrap dress. It’s hanging now, so I can hem it and I will need to tack the facings down. Even though I understitched them and pressed the hell out of them, they do not lay flat. I made the sleeve longer than the short-sleeved version, but shorter than the long-sleeve version. If I make it again, I’ll probably lengthen the waist pleats (because they are completely lost under the ties–frankly, you can’t even seem them on the example dress at the pattern website) by adding some dart-like stitches. Next time, I may try adding the collar. I skipped the collar this time because this was a stash fabric and I wasn’t sure I had enough (I even shortened the skirt to be sure I had enough, but the shorter length is better for me anyway). Also, I’m not sure I care for collars.

I was a little afraid this bamboo jersey would be too sheer unlined, but I did not have enough for interlining and I did not have a suitable jersey for lining. I figured if it was too transparent, I could wear a slip. It seems fine, however. I did the whole thing with french seams (except the sleeves, which seam I have not yet finished) because they are so easy and require so much less work than any other machine finish. I thought about adding pockets, but the skirt seams don’t fall in the right place and I have never tried to do pockets on a french seam. It’s fine that this dress has no pockets.

I’ll wear it to work next week!



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