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Thursday, Being All Meeting Efficient

Rode Linus to an 8 am meeting. I was surprised by how many cyclists were around, but not surprised that most were looking to pass me. Had one adrenalin moment with a cab who swerved to avoid a “pedestrian crossing” sign.  Will probably go home entirely in traffic because why not? although maybe I’ll map an alternate alternate.

Stretch pinstripe shirt from H&M

Stretch pinstripe shirt from H&M

I’m wearing the Outlier Daily riding pant again today, with a button-down from H&M which is the only button-down shirt I own.

I’ve bought the Collette Hawthorn pattern, speaking of button-downs, which may be a major mistake, as I have no idea how to do buttonholes. Live and learn.

I’ve got Nerd Lacquer’s Cuprum on my nails. One of my most favorite indie polishes, ever.



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