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Wednesday, Mild Disruption

The floors in my sewing room/sunroom/office were installed today.  I was slightly less disheveled than usual when working from home, in a completely fresh t-shirt and yoga pants, because of the people in the house. Next step is to get the cabinets built, the walls painted, and the lights installed. Then the room will be done!


Cats, examining the new floor.

I got an order of Vogue patterns in the mail, including one I did not remember ordering. I already have this actual wrap dress on tap (for the red paisley). Maybe I bought it for the pants? That seems unlikely.

At any rate, I’ve got a handful of new patterns and some ideas of what to do next. I really should complete the neck facings and hemming for this Vogue dress before starting something new. I also need zippers and some other notions before starting the new projects.




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