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Friday, Cancelled Plans

My plans were cancelled, so I ended up at home all day, hiding from the heat and humidity.

Vogue American Designer 2091 Donna Karan New York

Vogue American Designer 2091 Donna Karan New York

I sewed most of Vogue American Designers 2091, a Donna Karan New York pattern I found in my sewing stuff at my parents’ house. I had, apparently, cut around (what turned out to be) the right size at some point for Dress A (the green one on the sleeve), but I don’t recall ever sewing it.

I went ahead and stitched it up in some black jersey I had lying around and the fit is reasonably good, but it’s not really the dress for me. Undoubtedly, I would have pulled it off the rack to try on at a store, but not bought it, even if it fit. The shape of the dress does me no favors. If I make it again, I’ll probably add a bust dart to give it a more flattering line.

It was quick and simple, at least. There’s a front piece and a back piece and two cap sleeves. The neck binding is bulky, but the only part which takes much attention is the back neckline, which wraps from the front to make a slight standing back collar.  The extra seam from the back collar adds to the bulk under the facing. It really might be a pattern reserved for overlock and sergers, which would mean I’m not making it again until I buy a new machine.

I’ve left it now, needing hemming and the sleeves, but I promise to finish it (if not this weekend then next) before moving on to the next thing. As I haven’t really decided what to do next, it shouldn’t be too hard to wait.



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