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Thursday, Business

Diane von Furstenberg cotton wrap dress from TheRealReal.

Diane von Furstenberg cotton wrap dress from TheRealReal.

Woman on Street in Streeterville: Are you riding a bicycle in vintage Diane von Fürstenberg?

Me: Yes.

(although, it’s probably just “used” DvF and not so much “vintage)

I had to deploy both skirt garters, for fear of the skirt and the wheel, however. Wore the red flats. It’s a gorgeous day out there, but now I have a headache.

The dress has epaulets, which I have unsnapped and hidden under the collar; I plan to remove them later. I also unsnapped (and plan to remove) the tabs that gather the sleeves, which are uncomfortable.

At a distance, it’s sort of a cow print, which is awesome.

Got to have lunch with my sweetie, which was also awesome.



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