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Tuesday, Summer Doldrums

Rode in, mostly through the park, although I cut back over to the Lakefront almost to the office because it’s more direct and because there’s no stop lights/signs and because I like to see what the Lake’s doing. It was hazy, humid, crowded. Lots of dudes in spandex passing so closely that their legs brush my saddlebags, without warning, while we’re all approaching joggers, running two or three abreast. It’s annoying but I try not to let it get to me.

Chinese Laundry flats I've had for at least a decade.

Chinese Laundry flats I’ve had for at least a decade.

It’s nice to have showers at work. Not so much because I get sweaty riding in–I really don’t because it’s not yet hot enough and because I don’t ride that fast–but because the splash of cold water is pleasant. Also, this terrible haircut looks even worse after being under a helmet. I’m going to ride it out until at least August, so that the new stylist doesn’t accidentally replicate any part of it.

I changed into my Kenneth Cole op-art skirt with a black v-neck t-shirt. I used to have a lovely red crewneck to wear with this skirt, but it got snagged and ruined. I did not bother to wear good shoes (it’s supposed to storm this afternoon and I won’t want to ride in rain in good shoes), so I’m wearing my stashed office flats.





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