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Saturday, Party

Crepe dress (Colette Patterns), front.

Crepe dress (Colette Patterns), front.

I wore the new Crepe dress to a friend’s birthday party at a nearby beer garden. I think that the muslin (and thus the final dress) were not quite as good a fit as I thought (perhaps the difference in the weight of the fabrics) as the shoulders could lay a little better than they do. Certainly no worse than the fit of any store-bought dress and a woman who passed us on the street as we walked to the party said “Beautiful dress!”

So, my goal to make two garments I will wear out of the house is met! I have the skirt (with two tops that still don’t have facings) and the dress. I’ve picked out the next project from my box of patterns: a DKNY Vogue pattern that apparently I cut out once. This is a little annoying, but I’ll make do. If not, maybe I can find it uncut on Etsy or eBay.

Paolo mulesI wore a pair of pink mules which left a blister. I really hate shoes without socks.



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