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Friday, Sewing

Crepe dress, made from bedsheet, back view.

Crepe dress, made from bedsheet, back view.

I finished the Crepe dress today. I mean, really finished: hemmed, pressed, all threads tied off and clipped, seams pinked or bound. Finished. The first garment I have actually finished in more than ten years, really, aside from the skirt I made last fall.

I am happy with it, although it does not fit as well as I thought it would from the muslin. Not surprising that I don’t fit things as well as I’d like, as I have never really tried to before.

The armhole facings were vexing, but in the end, they look fine–not perfect, but better than good enough. The skirt was 4-6 inches too long, which is annoying only in that I could have cut more pieces from one sheet, if I had known I’d need to take so much off the bottom when hemming.

I will definitely make it again, in something more luxurious. I will probably add a sleeve next time.


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  1. dressesandme
    July 6, 2013

    Very pretty!

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