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Tuesday, A Bit of a Mess

Rode Linus to work–overland instead of on the Lakefront. I saw considerably more people riding in business clothes than I do when I ride on the path. I miss the Lake when I don’t ride on the path, but it may be better to avoid it altogether in the summer. Not that it’s terribly summerlike: 62 with an expected high about 15 degrees below “normal”.

I’m in an Ibex sweet pleat t-shirt (in a dusky lilac, rather than the pink version pictured) and a bamboo rayon circle skirt which may have come from Anthropologie. I discovered a spot on the skirt when I got to work. It’s probably a permanent stain, now, since I don’t know what it is or when it got there. But I’ll treat it and see if I can’t get it out. If I can’t it’s relegated to the “around the house” pile. I’m wearing bike shorts (without a chamois) underneath it because bike shorts (without a chamois) are like spanx-lite and this bamboo rayon stuff is comfortable but wholly unforgiving.

This skirt has a nice semi-circle shape, but the best thing about it is the waistband. The waistband is elastic, but not gathered at all, and the band is 1/4 inch elastic. It lays low on the waist, creates no bulk, and is not in the least binding. Very comfortable.

It’s sort of a sloppy, casual outfit. Nothing is particularly fitted, which tends toward sloppy, and the t-shirt (whatever the fabric), naked leg, and flats is very casual. But it’s a phone meeting sort of day, ahead of a long weekend, so casual it is.



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