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Sunday, Sewing

We stayed in today, although it was a gorgeous day, because the Pride celebrations hem us in pretty completely. I spent the day in the sunroom, mostly, first attempting to pattern a shift dress from my Eileen Fisher dress and then working on the Crepe dress.

I did a trial run with the facings on the muslin–clipping and notching and slashing down the seam allowances. I was able to make them look mostly alright, so I’m ready to try the same with the actual dress, but they really are the most fiddly part of this pattern. They’re really awkward and next time, I’ll probably set in a short sleeve. I’d do a binding, but I think I hate bindings a little bit more than these facings. I think I’d also like to make the skirt slightly less full on the next version and take a stab at reversing the bodice so the wrap is in the front. (Although, I’m getting a DvF cotton wrap dress from TheRealReal some day this week).

Because I wanted to make progress, but did not feel up to the facings, I sewed the skirt, which was very simple. Initially, I placed one of the pockets upside down (spatial relations!), but it was pretty quick work.

single pocket

My ambitious plan is to finish both the Crepe dress and the Vogue pattern this weekend (the Vogue needs only a neck facing and hem), which should meet my goal of two wearable-out-of-the-house dresses this year. Then I’ll muslin my EF pattern.



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