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Thursday, Meetings and More Rain

Fluevog Bellevue Laura Evans shoes

Fluevog Bellevue Laura Evans shoes

I finally wore my new Fluevogs, but not for the ride in, which was humid, but cool, and put Linus’ fenders to the test.

I have returned the dress I bought these for (although they will likely look great with the DvF dress I have) and have fairly few things that need a light or neutral shoe, so this is the first I’ve worn them.  Not necessarily the most excitement the world has seen in recent days, but I’m happy with them.

I’m wearing a BCBG silk jersey skirt that I bought when I first moved home after law school. It has a silk sweater to go with it (that I am not wearing because it’s the wrong season, instead I have a cream colored cotton sweater). The skirt has faded to a brown color from the plummy-raisin it was when I first bought it, but otherwise, it’s still lovely more than a decade later. I felt so stylish and cosmopolitan when I bought this outfit. I used to wear it to take myself out to lunch.

I’ll change completely for the ride home because it will be warmer, more humid then, and because I’ll be in traffic and less able to avoid puddles, and although I’m not worried biking in my regular clothes most of the time, sometimes, I prefer not to worry about it.



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