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Thursday, Not Much to See Here

We have showers at work. It’s not really that hot yet, but they are there if you need them. I am changing clothes between the office and the ride now, less because I can’t ride in my regular clothes and more because it’s harder to manage the temperature difference when it’s hotter outside than inside.

I wore a sundress from Old Navy to ride in (it’s actually a little more billowy and underwear-show-offy than I remembered) and am now in the NYDJ grey pants and a red Icebreaker t-shirt (with my office cardigan). I haven’t changed out of my highly disreputable chucks, even though I should.

It’s “Thriday” (I don’t work Fridays), which is good because I have a lot to do this weekend. Mostly in my sewing room, for funsies, but also, it’s time to get my lay-away Fluevogs!

Fluevog Bellevue Laura Evans shoes

Fluevog Bellevue Laura Evans shoes



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